We are frequently asked if these are the ‘original ‘ Tudor products and the answer is ‘yes’ they are.
Tudor Sports originated in Birmingham and was home to the products for over 25 years. The company was taken over in 1993 and production moved to Leicester , where many of the raw materials were already being sourced and where it continues to be based.

After a short period when production ceased in our own factory we have now continued using

local companies to manufacture our high quality products whilst continuing to have fabric specially knitted and dyed for our own requirements by local manufacturers.

The business is run by myself, a sports enthusiast, with many years experience as a sports clothing manufacturer. I started to make cycle clothing when taking up the sport myself as one of the disciplines of triathlon. Recuperating after breaking a leg on the rugby field  I added cycling to the running and swimming already in my exercise program to

enable the pursuit of an equally challenging but slightly more gentle pastime.

I see the continued supply of a quality, wherever possible, a British sourced and manufactured clothing line as an equally challenging project and recognize that there are vast numbers of customers past, present and future who will support me in this business endeavour.

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