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1 Tudor Sports products
1.1 Are these the original Tudor Sprts Products

Yes they are - Tudor Sports originated in Birmingham in the late 1970's and was taken over and manufacturing moved to Leicester in 1993 where many of the raw materials were already being sourced. The original patterns and fabric are still the same.

1.2 What is "York" Fabric
Our "York" fabric is unique to Tudor Sports and is used on our TS107 Tights, TS110 Plusses and the TS101 and TS104 Jackets. It is a traditional Track suiting fabric with a knitted Nylon outer face and brushed back Cotton inner widely used in the 1950' & 60's in the production of Tracksuits including some used by British Olympic Teams. The fibre content is 70% Cotton 30% Nylon
1.3 Can we make special sizes
Yes, if our regular sizes do not meet your requirements we can make to specific Waist/Inside Leg on Tights and Plusses and to Chest size on the Jackets. There is a surcharge of £10.00 on Jackets and £7.50 on Tights Delivery between 2 - 3 weeks